Portable Water Power

Unconventional Waterpower

New ways to use an old energy source.
Because the Watermotor converts waterpower directly into mechanical power at such high efficiency, it presents the possibility of new types of waterpower use.

Portable Waterpower : Rural Construction

Construction in rural areas is often made difficult, expensive and uncomfortable by the lack of an energy source to run the machines and power tools normally used in the construction process, especially when the construction workers must live on the site.

We found that many power tools and machines used for construction could be run with as little as 1 h.p. when driven directly by the Watermotor.

The portable unit shown in the photo is a compact multipurpose woodworking machine with a 71/4" table saw, 4" ; joiner, drill and grinding wheel. The tool frame also mounts an alternator for lighting and battery charging and air compressor. The compressor makes it possible to use air powered tools at some distance from the turbine location.

This entire unit weighs about 45 kg. and fits into a wheelbarrow. The Watermotor will also run a cement mixer.

We use lightweight 3 or 6 m. sections of 4" plastic tubing for the pressure pipe, joined with rubber tubing and hose clamps. These are flexible and allow the pressure pipe to be laid over uneven ground.

The Watermotor produces enough power for this unit with a fall as little as 12 m. (40 ft).