Technical Fact Sheet

  1. Only turbines designed to run machines directly with waterpower.
  2. Modern efficient Swedish designed Turgo runners, in bronze or nylon, converts waterpower into mechanical power at 80-85% efficiency.
  3. Patented power control switch-works by deflection of water from turgo wheel, doesn't change penstock pressure.
  4. Broad power range, high start up torque, high rpms.
  5. Immune to damage from overloading or stalling during operation - highly suitable for training, shared use or community use.
  6. Uses new and previously unused power source --- very small scale waterpower ---- and requires no dams.
  7. Versatile, runs efficiently on from 1 to 4 jets-easily adapted to a variety of waterpower sites and seasonal water flow variations. Useable power with as little as a 40 ft (12.2 m.) fall with the model 150, and 50ft. (15.m.) with the model 90.
  8. Simple to install, uses low-cost, low-pressure tubing for penstock (pressure tube) and flexible connections from penstock to turbine.
  9. Easy to operate: on/off switch gives instant power control. Pressure gage on penstock indicates if water is low or filter blocked.
  10. Any needed repairs can be carried out on-site, no need to dismount the turbine case, or remove shaft, all internal parts are accessible by removing one plate. The turbine wheel spoons can be replaced individually if necessary.
  11. The Watermotor turbines can be locally produced from commonly available materials
  12. Easily replaces electric motors in many cases without modification or sacrifice in performance.
  13. Only source of machine power for many locations.
  14. Compact, lightweight, can be used as portable power for rural construction.

The Watermotor turbine is produced in two models: the model 90 and the model 150.

The model 90 has a 90mm (3.5") Turgo turbine wheel and can use 4 water jets of up to 12.7 mm (1/2") in diameter. Because it is smaller in diameter this wheel will turn at higher revolutions than the model 150 at the same water pressure.

The nozzle flow chart shows how much flow there will be through a single nozzle at various pressures and the number of revolutions at which maximum power will be generated.

When not under load (performing work), the r.p.m.s of both models will increase to almost twice the working speed.

The model 150 has a 150 mm (6") Turgo wheel and uses 4 jets of up to 7/8" (22.2 mm) diameter. This is three times the volume of water as a 1/2" jet, therefore producing three times as much power with the same incoming pressure.

In many situations either Watermotor model could be used will equal results.
Generally the larger model will be selected when more power is required. The high torque and start-up power of the larger Turgo wheel makes it more suitable for running large machines such as table saws and air or refrigeration compressors.